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At Changan the importance of innovation cannot be understated.  Maintaining our market leadership depends on staying ahead of the curve across all facets of our activities from initial vehicle concepts all the way through to customer service and after sales. More importantly, our customers demand it. The Changan brand is synonymous with victory and value. It is these two concepts that inspire us to focus on creating value for our customers and developing the highest quality products to meet their need. 

As the owner of a Changan vehicle you can immediately feel the impact of our innovation with care. From our design which focuses on comfort and luxury to the smooth and supple ride or our safety features innovation is everywhere.


  • Over 6,000 personnel committed to R&D
  • R&D centers in Italy, UK, USA, Japan and China
  • 100 strong global design team
  • World’s largest automotive test track
  • Over 20 domestic and international design awards
  • Number 1 independently ranked R&D team
  • USD $8 billion spent on R&D

Offering Best-in-class Features

Technology Leadership

Automotive R&D
R&D Personnel
Global Joint Ventures
Technology Awards

Uncompromising Safety & Quaility

5-STAR Safety Ratings

Our vehicles have been awarded the coveted C-NCAP rating. This represents the highest level of safety based on global standards. Our focus and attainment of this rating reflects our commitment to safety as a  priority for our all of our customers.

Extensive and Rigorous Testing

Each vehicle model goes through an exhaustive and rigorous testing program. Testing takes place on both our test track, one of the world’s largest and real world environments. Our vehicle traveled over 1 million km before entering production.

Award Winning Designs

Our attention to detail and style are present in each of our vehicles. Our Italian design team incorporates the best of global styling merging lifestyle with design. With over 20 design awards to our name we stand head and shoulders above our peers.

Decades of Innovation

Our vehicles reflect decades of innovation ranging from initial concept development to design and manufacturing. We benefit from over 15 global joint ventures with leading global engine and vehicle manufacturers

Commitment to be the Best

In the relentless pursuit of global leadership we are committed to being the best at what we do. Our designers, engineers, global sales force, our dealers and all of Team Changan guarantee products that reflect the best in technology and research and development.

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