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CS75 PLUS is an innovative yet elite creation to ‘see the future now.’ Its revolutionary design, technology, style, and design depict ‘class’ and elegance. This beauty has natural curves and is ‘dominated’ by solid character and a high beltline catering to a premium look. A design of the future, CS75 plus, entails a 2.0T engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, and 360 Nm of torque. The best part is its fantastic suspension system that allows superior performance and makes a journey a fun one! The CS75 plus includes various drive modes, including Sport, economy, individual, and driving modes. While in normal mode, you can quickly moderate the acceleration with a bit of footwork. 

One can choose as per his ‘mood’ to be the next ‘Michael shoomaker’ with the cs75 plus! Let’s GO!, as discussed, it has a 2.0T engine that produces 233 horsepower. It is ideally paired with an Asian 8-speed automatic transmission to create an exhilarating driving experience. Designed with an ideology to be remarkable in the market, its features include a panoramic sunroof, a roof rack, and powered windows, including heat-insulated glass, electric folding, and a chrome exhaust pipe. This radiating beauty is designed to be safe, exhilarating, and phenomenal in the market. The Youth especially would feel the ‘pride’ while cruising the roads of UAE. The exterior includes LED automatic headlamps, Daytime running lights, intelligent high beams, front fog lights for those gloomy days, and stylish door logo illumination features. Open the doors, and you are astonished by a dark red leather-lined dash, a touchscreen, and slanted A/C vents. A design that is appealing to our Youth, as it’s a car of TODAY. The appeal is backed up due to 6-way power with ventilation, memory, and heating function;  

followed by 4-way power with ventilation and heating function. They are strengthened with their comfortable and side contours that are ‘roomy.’ One area that many faces are PARKING! Every driver wishes for a seamless process to park at convenience. CS75 includes remote parking that eases the process instantly. Besides that, it has a smart keyless entry, powered engine tailgate, wireless phone charging, and many more features that will take your breath away! The CS75 model provides you with an infotainment screen, an interactive driver display, navigation – to route you in the right direction always, 8 speakers that create ‘a club vibe’ in your car, a super-easy Bluetooth feature to let you groove along with the way and USB segments. What are you waiting for? BOOK YOUR TEST DRIVE, cruise through UAE in style, and feel exhilarated with adrenaline at every point! These unique features have allows CHANGAN to be the next desired choice for all! A choice of sophistication, class, and beauty!