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Changan UNI-T - Ushering in a new Era

As we head one step closer to perhaps vacationing or living on another planet, that calls for a vehicle that accents the adventure. Welcome Changan UNI-T SUV launched recently in the UAE, which brings a true vision to life. 

Unique in style, Changan UNI-T goes beyond the conceptual mindset. 

In terms of movement, UNI-T is a car that adjusts its posture through proportion, and volume, and uses the wheels as a benchmark to express the combination of SUV strength and coupe dynamics with a rich shape.

Add to this, the borderless grille consisting of 150 diamond-shaped elements on the front face of UNI-T is a breakthrough in the traditional style. To add a further touch of flair to this SUV, it comes with an invisible door handle, a V-shaped tail, split LED headlights and other trendy elements. The large black enclosure extends to the rear of the car with trims decorating the 4 exhaust pipes very well.

Step into the Changan UNI-T to feel like you’re in command of a spaceship ready to explore the world beyond. With a gear inspired by Sci-Fi explorations, wherein one would see a control lever of a space battleship, thereby feeling exceptional aboard a unique vehicle. Take a closer look at the door interior panels which are dominated by soft materials, especially in the armrest area. Also, leather stitching feels quite delicate and elegant. To complete the entire dashboard, the steering wheel is space inspired as well as functional with its multiple buttons. 

Furthermore, the Changan UNI-T in the UAE’s interstellar experience comes equipped with an AI chip. This chip was jointly developed in association with Horizon, which provides computing platform support for the control of the intelligent cockpit. Let’s understand further how this works; the screen automatically turns on or off as per the direction of the line of sight and actively reduces the multimedia volume when the occupant answers the phone.

To add more power to the drive, the Changan UNI-T car comes with a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces about 177ps horsepower and 300 N.m torque with a 7-speed DCT. The UNI-T is a front-wheel-drive where it can reach from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.57 seconds. 

Take the futuristic Changan UNI-T in the UAE for a test drive today. It is an intergalactic experience you must try.