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Our success story "Extreme Heat Challenge Campaign"

Changan Cars being the best car dealers in the Middle East have an outstanding service in safety and innovation from its competitors. Changan has its widespread function in the automobile industry across Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Northern emirates and is hence considered to be the most reliable SUVs for families. We are motivated in investing into the advanced research and development process to deliver a better option for our customers. However, we do consider making SUVs at a reasonable rate. Middle East being the attraction for its deserts also faces drastic climatic conditions. These climatic conditions, rocky and barren lands, and deserts are a challenging factor for the automobile industry to develop a technology to overcome the chances of low sustainability of the product. 


Changan cars have started experimenting on these factors and started its innovation to develop a car with better durability. Hence, we have initiated “The Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign which will be a consecutive experiment in various regions, especially in Saudi Arabia. This campaign will witness the participation of various experts from across the region to observe and evaluate the performance of Changan cars in the challenging summer heat. The Changan car is taken for a driving test across the roads of Saudi Arabia for approximately 10,000 km in the summer heat with a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius in some areas.


The campaign convoy takes charge to cover the distance to evaluate the performance of Changan car on rough terrains with a sophisticated climatic condition followed by tough heights and harsh slopes. This is done to assess the durability and sustainability of the technology that it has and whether it is useful for a hassle free ride on the roads of the Middle East. This campaign gives insights on the required developments and acquired performance which is proven to make it the best SUV to buy in the Middle East. However, there is a greater advantage for the customers to know that whether their choice of Changan cars was worth it. It would give them the opportunity to choose automobiles as per their requirements with better durability and sustainability that can be operated in any type of weather conditions. However, Changan aimed to deliver best service and product to add value to the money paid by the customer for its cars by transforming it into a unique piece to use thereby catering centre of excellence among the best car dealers in UAE.