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Changan unveils new flagship showroom in Dubai
A boom in sales and increased patronage of Chinese cars by the local market in 2016 has led Union Motors to relocate its Changan dealership to a brand-new facility on Al Ittihad Road in Dubai.

Changan Automobile achieves sales gains in 2015
Changan Automobile sold 2.777 million units (including joint venture vehicles) in CY 2015. This represents an increase of 9.1 percent versus 2014.

Eado EV Wins Distinction at Lake Qinghai EV Challenge
As the second ever Qinghai Lake International Electric Vehicle (EV) Challenge 2015 (June 18th) successfully came to an end, the last of the participating EVs crossed the finish line at Qinghai Grand Theater and prepared to join the closing award ceremony.

Eulove X6 Completes Journey to Mount Everest
“The toughest small-sized SUV”, Eulove X6, was officially launched in Nanjing on June 5th, 2015. Changan Automobile designed a large-scale test drive event called “Conquer with toughness, Conquer Mount Everest” to amplify the Eulove X6’s

37 Beauties from South America Help Eulove Create Guinness World Records
In order to deliver a great show for launching Changan Star 7 and Eulove in Colombia, Changan Colombia teamed up with Colombian distributor and this time they created something new and exciting.

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